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18 Night - Isles & Pathways of the Gods Package

Explore the ancient wonders of Greece & stunning Italian coastlines

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Package Provider: Peregrine
Package Type: Fly Cruise
Region: Europe
Duration: 18 Nights


Aboard the state-of-the-art mega yacht Harmony G, take a cruising adventure in style to islands including Mykonos, Crete, Kythira and Hydra. Watch this world of volcanic islands, white house-dotted cliffs, and sparkling blue water float by. From Athens, discover the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Mykonos, experience the stunning natural drama of the caldera of Santorini, and sample local delicacies on Crete. Slip into the waters surrounding the perfect Greek islands of Kythira and Hydra. Navigate the ancient architecture of the fortified town of Monemvassia. Explore lands that host stories of some of the most familiar names in ancient Greek history. For sun on secluded beaches, a glimpse into the past, and an abundance of natural beauty, this is the best adventure cruise.

Set on the shores of the sparkling Mediterranean, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe. Lace up your boots and set your eyes to the spectacular and sparkling Mediterranean horizon for this scenic trip on the Amalfi Coast. Stroll through the lush Mulini and Ferriere valleys, say 'buongiorno' to local farmers along the 'Pathway of the Gods', and take a boat ride to the glamorous island of Capri.

Your Fly, Cruise & Tour Package Includes:

  • Economy class flights from Sydney to Athens, returning from Naples
  • 2 nights accommodation in Athens including breakfast
  • Athens Half-Day Acropolis Sightseeing Tour  
  • 8 day Greece Cruising with Peregrine onboard Harmony G
  • Includes 7 nights onboard small cruise ship Harmony G, 15 meals & select sightseeing
  • Economy class flight from Athens to Naples
  • 2 nights accommodation in Naples including breakfast
  • Capri & Blue Grotto Day Tour from Naples
  • 8 day Walking in Italy: The Amalfi Coast guided holiday with Peregrine
  • Includes 7 nights accommodation, 11 meals, private mini bus, select sightseeing + more
  • Private car transfers throughout
  • Airline taxes

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 Greece Cruising (Classical Greece) Itinerary:



28 Aug 20

Embarkation in Athens to Kea

Embarkation will take place between 2 and 3 PM. Enjoy a welcome drink and meet your crew and fellow passengers before we set sail for Kea. Time at leisure to explore Kea's tiny port after dinner. We will depart there in the early hours for Delos. (D)

29 Aug 20

Delos and Mykonos

Take an optional morning tour to the archaeological site of Delos, antiquity's most sacred island. In antiquity, Delos was considered to be the spiritual and commercial centre of the Aegean. After a short tender ride disembark on the island and gather for an introduction before proceeding with your lecturer guide on a unique walk through the original streets of the site’s best preserved quarters. There you will see Hellenistic houses with beautiful mosaics in amazingly good condition, further along you will come to the Sanctuary, where you can see the ruins of a temple dedicated to Apollo – Delos being Apollo’s mythological birthplace. While over the Sacred Way you will see the famous five 7th century B.C. marble lions, guardians of the Sacred Lake. On to the Theatre and the Roman quarter, where you will find ancient statues dedicated to Dionysus and optionally visit the museum with its interesting exhibits. On to the port of Mykonos, with a swim stop on the way. A free afternoon and evening to enjoy the island's cosmopolitan lifestyle. (B/L)

30 Aug 20


We will arrive around noon in Santorini (anchorage at Fira). Experience the stunning natural drama of the volcanic caldera.
Our optional tour will have you disembark by tender and board the cable car to reach the island’s capital Fira for a guided walk through the narrow pedestrian streets. Board the bus for a pleasant drive through the countryside passing the village of Pyrgos to the famous archaeological site of Akrotiri. If Santorini is known as the Greek Pompeii it is because of ancient Akrotiri. Excavations uncovered an ancient town frozen in time by ash from an eruption some 3.600 years ago. Remains of sophisticated buildings with great frescoes and other constructions are evidence of an elaborate lifestyle. Continue by bus to the northern coast admiring views of land, sea and skies to reach Oia, the most picturesque village of Santorini with its magical views over the Caldera. Our local guide will take you to the most photographed blue domes, to insight spots and will give you hints for your time at leisure. A short drive will bring you back to Fira.
After reboarding, we sail overnight to Crete. (B/D)

31 Aug 20

Reythymnon, Crete

We arrive in the morning at Crete's famous and lively port or Rethymnon. Take an optional tour to the ancient city of Knossos near Heraklion. After about an hour’s drive eastwards along the coast through areas where Cretan wines grow we arrive at the Prehistoric (2000BC) Minoan Palace of Knossos. Located in a uniquely quaint scenery, the palace is a monumental symbol of Minoan Civilization due to its impressive size and construction and has been excavated and partially restored in the early 20th century by the great English archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans. Was it the palace of mythical King Minos bearing the labyrinth , where the fearsome Minotaur was said to have lurked? After our detailed visit we will proceed by bus to Heraklion to sample healthy local delicacies and have some free time before returning to Rethymnon. After reboarding, we will have a late departure for Kythira. (B/D)

01 Sep 20


We stop enroute to Kythira for a late morning swim stop. Kythira, a less known island gem, is now fast becoming a favourite among visitors to Greece. We have the evening at leisure to visit the picturesque main town of Chora and experience the subdued charms of this peaceful island. (B/L)

02 Sep 20

Monemvassia and Nafplion

We depart early to sail to Monemvassia. Discover a remarkable medieval fortified town, with time at leisure to explore the uniquely preserved Byzantine and Venetian architecture and experience the beauty of the natural setting. Depart for Nafplion in the early afternoon, with a swim stop on the way. Evening arrival at Nafplion. The old quarter is charming, with narrow streets and characteristic period architecture. Also, impressive medieval fortifications can be seen in the port and crowning the hills above. (B/L)

03 Sep 20


Today, take an optional tour to Mycenae. A short drive through the fertile countryside of Argolis takes us to the ancient city of Mycenae, home to the kingdom of mythical Agamemnon. The importance of the city, which Homer calls “rich in gold” begins in 1650 B.C and ceases around 1100 B.C with the fall of the civilization to which it gives name. Visit the remains of the glorious city including the Lion’s Gate, the Palace and the tomb of Agamemnon. Mycenae in legend was the royal seat of the ill-fated House of Atreus, and from Mycenae Agamemnon, “king of men”, went off as the leader of the Achaean expedition to war against Troy. Early afternoon departure for the islands of Hydra. Time at leisure to explore this picturesque port town. Continue on to Marina Zea in Athens, arriving about midnight. (B/L/D)

04 Sep 20

Disembarkation in Athens

Disembarkation will take place after breakfast this morning. (B)


Walking in Italy: The Amalfi Coast Itinerary:



06 Sep 20


Arrive in Naples, the capital of the region of Campania. Tonight's group meeting is followed by a group dinner – your first chance to savour the region's specialties. If you arrive early, use your free time during the day to discover some of Naples' impressive architecture and grandiose monuments, many of which date back to the Spanish rule of the 16th and 17th centuries. (D)

Accommodation: Hotel Chiaja de Charme or similar (1 night)

07 Sep 20


After a leisurely breakfast, embark on a walking tour of the old town. You'll see the wonderful historic centre of Naples, a major European cultural capital since the time of the Greeks. Perhaps seek out an authentic Neapolitan pizza for lunch, then enjoy a short local train or bus ride to the Pompeii archeological site. Here, without question, lie some of the world’s most fascinating and preeminent ruins. Finely preserved, they give you an extraordinarily real image of daily life in a Roman city with villas, temples, theatres and bustling markets. Walk along the chariot-marked streets that were nestled under the shadow of Vesuvius until the fatal eruption in 79 AD. Visit the magnificent amphitheatre and the ‘Villa of Mysteries’. You will also visit the Roman Forum and basilica, temples, public baths, and the tiny Odeon created for music recitals. Enjoy a short stroll and perhaps have a drink on the central square. Here your private minibus will pick you up for a scenic drive (approximately 1 hour) to the Agerola high plain. Along the way, you'll be dazzled by views of the Amalfi Coast. Enjoy dinner in your family-run hotel in Agerola this evening. (B/D)

Accommodation: Hotel Risorgimento or simlar (1 night)

Walking time: approximately 3 hours (4 km).

08 Sep 20


After breakfast, embark on your first real day of walking. Most of the walk today is downhill. Your first stop will be the ‘Punto Panoramico’, perhaps the most scenic viewpoint on the whole Amalfi Coast. From here you will descend through a spectacular landscape, affording you gorgeous views along the coastline. You will be able to see across to the Isle of Capri, and south to the densely forested and expansive Cilento National Park. Today also offers an insight into the geology and agriculture of the area. Your path leads you through an archetypal Mediterranean landscape with vineyards, chestnut trees, oaks and pretty sections of shrubs and flowers. You will spot many old ruins speckling the hillsides. In spring, you can smell the Italian herbs. The path then leads you through the small village of Furore, from where you can see its lovely ‘fjord’. You'll walk up towards grottoes in the cliffside and back up towards Bomerano for lunch. Visit a local artisan at his small liqueur factory in Bomerano. Learn some of the science behind how to make limoncello, understand why the area is famed for the production of the liqueur and sample a drop too. Return to your hotel by local bus. (B/D)

Accommodation: Hotel Risorgimento or simlar (1 night)

Walking time: approximately 3.5 hours (6.5 km)

09 Sep 20

Pathway of the Gods/Positano/Amalfi

This morning you will take a local bus for a short ride back to the quiet mountain village of Bomerano (where you ended your walk yesterday). Perhaps enjoy a coffee before embarking on the famous Sentiero degli Dei (Pathway of the Gods) to Positano. This path winds its way through unique scenery and boasts unrivalled views along the coast. Walk through forests and fields of wildflowers, past ancient stone huts and beside sheer walls of granite. Glimpse local farmers tending their crops by hoe and elbow grease, herds of goats feeding beside the trail beside their shepherds, and teams of workmen commuting by mule. Taste delicious Agerola cheese on the way as a shepherd (and his goats!) will join you to reveal the process of cheese making. By late morning you will reach Vallone di Grarelle, then continue to the hamlet of Nocelle, a picturesque village situated above Positano. A walk through the village leads to what’s known as the Montepertuso Crossing – a deep gorge with limestone walls. From Montepertuso it's just a short walk down the old steps, through olive groves and vineyards, to beautiful Positano (though you can take a bus instead if you like). Take your time to explore Positano, then continue to Amalfi by boat. Settle into your feature stay hotel in the centre of Amalfi, with your main luggage already waiting for you. (B)

Accommodation: Hotel Croce di Amalfi, Hotel Floridiana (Feature stay) or similar (1 night)

Walking time: approximately 5 hours (7 km). Your luggage will be transferred for you between Agerola and Amalfi, so all you need to take with you today is your day pack.

10 Sep 20


Amalfi is a beautifully preserved town on the coast of the same name, with narrow little streets and a serene town square. From your hotel you will follow the Valley of the Dragon up to Ravello – another highlight of the coast. The French novelist André Gide once described this town as being ‘closer to the sky than the seashore’. For centuries, its lofty position and sunny, dry climate has made it an appealing place for writers, artists, musicians and travellers. Ravello also boasts two magnificent villas – the superb 11th Century Villa Rufolo which was once a papal residence and later the home of Wagner, and Villa Cimbrone, a sumptuous 19th Century mansion with fabulous gardens and unequalled views over the Gulf of Salerno. Retrace your steps along a rather steep mule track down again to beautiful Atrani and then back to Amalfi. Sweeping panoramas will reward your efforts. (B)

Accommodation: Hotel Croce di Amalfi, Hotel Floridiana (Feature stay) or similar (1 night)

Walking time: approximately 4 hours (5.5 km)

11 Sep 20

Isle of Capri/Amalfi

Today is dedicated to the rightly famous Isle of Capri, a place where Roman emperors used to come as tourists. You will sail from Amalfi to Capri by boat, following the beautiful coastline and passing the islands of the mythical sirens that were mentioned in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. As you approach, witness Capri’s coastline in all its glory: mighty cliffs, shard-like rock formations, crashing blue seas. Have your camera at the ready on this short cruise. When you arrive in Capri, you will see the popular sights, then take a beautiful circuit walk. During this walk you will pass Villa Jovis (the ruins of the most impressive Roman villa on the island, once home to Emperor Tiberius), see a historic monastery and explore the winding alleyways of the village of Capri. Part of your walk follows untouched coastline and passes many impressive grottoes, and there's time to dip your feet in the water. Your walk can be extended or shortened in many ways today, depending on the wishes of the group. Late in the afternoon you will travel by boat back to Amalfi. (B)

Accommodation: Hotel Croce di Amalfi, Hotel Floridiana (Feature stay) or similar (1 night)

Walking time: approximately 4 hours (3 km)

12 Sep 20

Valle dei Mulini/Valle delle Ferriere Amalfi

Get ready for a magical day of walking. Start in the quiet backstreets of Amalfi, heading up to the village of Pontone. Walk on the narrow ridge and then beneath shady pine trees and through fields of wildflowers. This brings you to a viewpoint from which you can see across the Valle del Dragone (Valley of the Dragon) and the luxurious gardens and villas of Ravello. A series of ups and downs takes you to the ruins of the famous watchtower (Torre dello Zirro). After retracing your steps to pretty Pontone, you can enjoy a drink under the shade of lemon trees and gaze down upon the town of Amalfi. Then walk down into the shaded Valle dei Mulini (Valley of the Watermills). Here you will find remnants of Europe’s earliest paper mills, strewn among thick foliage fed by the valley's streams. You may pass locals collecting wild mushrooms and stout men carrying half their body weight in lemons on their heads. The path takes you deep into the valley and the entrance of the nature reserve ‘Valle delle Ferriere’. This is one of the most interesting nature reserves of the area and an ideal place for lunch. From here it's an hour back down to Amalfi, past the Museo della Carta (paper museum). The rest of the day will be at you leisure. Enjoy the beach, do some shopping or take a dip in the Mediterranean. Tonight you will gather for a special farewell dinner. (B/D)

Accommodation: Hotel Croce di Amalfi, Hotel Floridiana (Feature stay) or similar (1 night)

Walking time: approximately 4 hours (5 km)

13 Sep 20


Your journey comes to an end this morning after breakfast in Amalfi. (B)



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